PPC Campaign Management

It is considered as the best and most effective online marketing technique to gain instant business as it gives you immediate rankings. This inorganic ranking stays only till you have money in your account as every click is charged with a certain amount as per the bid rate prevailing at that given time.

We at B2C are a team of specialists that designs your campaign in accordance with the need of your business. We first understand the different aspects of your business like its targeted segment, geography and many other specific criterions to give you a set of keywords that are most likely to give you business thus maximizing your ROI. For e.g.: if you are property dealer in Delhi and your ranking also prevails when one searches for property in Hyderabad it doesn’t help your cause and you will lose your money on unwanted clicks.


Every click is very important and so we regularly analyze the CTR and chat with you about their conversions to get the exact picture or say the result of our effort. If the conversions are not happening we immediately move on to another set of keywords and give you business. At B2C we maintain a high quality score of our AD campaign enabling us to bid less than the market bid and yet gain top rankings in the search results.

To add on with this we provide you with a complete analytical report at the end of the campaign or as per your requirement to give you a clear picture of how your money was spent enabling you to get the exact ROI.

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